Privacy Statement

A. Privacy of Consumer Financial Information
The Berkeley County Public Schools Federal Credit Union (BCPSFCU) shall protect the confidentiality, security, and integrity of each member’s nonpublic personal information consistent with the state and federal laws.
BCPSFCU shall take careful and reasonable measures to protect the accuracy and privacy of all member information used in conducting business.
BCPSFCU will not collect or maintain information about its members that is not essential for prudent business purposes.
B. Responsibilities
BCPSFCU officers, directors, committee members and employees are required to hold in confidence all Credit Union transactions with members and all information in regards to members’ personal business.
It is the responsibility of all officers, directors, committee members and employees to protect confidential member information.
It is the responsibility of all officers, directors, committee members and employees to identify any potential area of exposure and to take steps to report such discovery and to assist in correcting the condition that could permit any potential security breach.
It is, further, the responsibility of all officers, directors, committee members and employees to report any actual or threatened release of confidential information and to take steps as may be immediately available to prevent or to halt such release.
C. Sharing Information
It is the policy to prohibit disclosure of member information to third parties (excluding Credit Union affiliates) concerning accounts with us, except:
(a). When such disclosure is necessary to complete transactions.
(b). To verify the existence and condition of your account for a third party (such as a credit bureau) as is permitted by law.
(c). To comply with any court order or applicable laws or regulations.
(d). When given written permission by the member. Federal law protects the information BCPSFCU provides to credit reporting agencies and its use is strictly governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act
BCPSFCU does not and will not sell or provide personal information to third parties for independent use.
D. Administration and Amendments
Protecting member privacy is an ongoing process and BCPSFCU will continue to review the measures taken to safeguard member information.
If member information is shared with vendors, all contracts and agreements between vendor and BCPSFCU will include a guarantee that the vendor will safeguard such information.
Since no policy can address every possible contingency and circumstance, BCPSFCU management shall use its good faith business judgment in administering this privacy policy, and expects that all employees and committee members will use good faith in their actions to protect the privacy of credit union members.

BCPSFCU reserves the right to amend this policy in any respect.